Cyber Reputation Management and Control From Digijaks

Cyber Reputation Management and Control From Digijaks BAM! There it is. Right in your face one morning when you check your social feed as news. That nasty little something that someone, a bot, or a person, or maybe both left for you overnight. It is a digital take down. A bad blog post. A socialContinue reading “Cyber Reputation Management and Control From Digijaks”

Recap of Gov20LA 2014.

By Alan W. Silberberg, Founder of Gov20LA As the founder of Gov20LA —  looking back at the 5th Annual Gov20LA Open Government Conference in 2014; I can’t help but to express humbleness and gratitude to the brilliant people who spoke, and those who interacted with us from around the world on Twitter. For theContinue reading “Recap of Gov20LA 2014.”